Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hi, I'm Misty

My name is Misty.  I am a 4 year old Ragdoll cat.  I live in San Jose with my owner Charlene.She loves me.  She  buys me really good food, and lots of toys to play with.  My favorite toys are balls, especially the ones that have bells in them.  I like to play with them late at night. I hope you will enjoy my blog.  I will be posting pictures to show you what I am doing. I mostly sleep, so you might see quite a few of those pictures.  But every now and then, I do wake up and play.  So you'll get to see me in action.

Send me an email at mistybertrand@aol.com and we can kittychat.


Anonymous said...

Hi Misty

My name is Baby. I am a 15 year old cockatiel and I live with my owner Carol and my memere in Biddeford, ME.

I saw your picture while resting on Carol's shoulder and I just fell in love with you. Do you believe in love at first sight?

We have very similiar colors so I know that was my first attraction.

I know they say birds and cats don't mix but I know differently because several years ago my best friend was zuzu a black Maine coon cat as well as Moxie a peekapoo dog and we all got along very well, I actually rode on Moxie's back but zuzu wouldn't have it...oh well.

I hope you write back, although this isn't a good picture of me it's the best I could come up with so that you could see what I look like.......I am the gray one!!


Len said...

Too cute!

Anonymous said...

very fun! Kathy, victor, and sonoma say hello to misty the cat and of coarse to charlene too! Love your pics! Talk again soon, kathy

Anonymous said...

I think you are both nuts! Funny but nuts!!