Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Box inspector

I know most of you think I'm just a cute, fluffy, sleep all day kind of cat.  But I do have a job.  I'm a box inspector.  The first photo is a picture of a new box that arrived on Friday.  I inspect these boxes for quality, comfort, functionality etc.  This box as you can see has the lids on all sides.  These lids don't really serve any purpose.  The box is an average size, but I noticed this morning that the bottom of the box had something that was irritating me and I had to have Charlene help me get rid of a portion of the box. Not sure we'll keep this box.

The next box is the toy box.  This box leans against a wall in the living room and contains all my toys.  I love this box because it's a walk in box and I can just walk in and get the toy I want.  We might be decorating this box to match the decor in the living room.  I'm talking to Charlene about this.

This next box is my favorite.  It's small but very comfortable.  The lid opens out and actually forms a ramp.  I call it the handicap ramp.  You can't see it very well in the picture, but it's basically a ramp that I can walk up and then get in the box.  Sometimes I like to sleep with my head resting on the side of the box, other times I just look like a box of fur.  Either way it's my favorite box to sleep in.


lynnettepascoa said...

you are the cutest box inspector I will be saving some boxes for you...

Anonymous said...

Dear Misty. Are you a member of BIUA? That is box inspectors union of america. If you are not a member, I can send you a union card to sign. Then your employer will have to pay you a liveable wage, pay into your retirement, cover all cost of your health insurance, etc. Of course, because of the added cost your employer might just decide to discard the boxes and you may lose your job. Never fear, we have great unemployment benefits