Monday, April 13, 2009

A year ago today, I came to live with Charlene

April 2008
This was my first day.  I stayed in the tub most of the time

May 2008
I love watching the water in the toilet

June 2008


July 2008
Who's that kitty in the mirror?

August 2008
Nothing like a nap

Sept 2008
Just getting ready for bed

October 2008
I'm just a doll..

November 2008
Playing with a paper bag.

December 2008
Dreaming about Christmas

January 2009
Catnip did me in

February 2009
Aw, flowers from my friend Sonoma

March 2009
My Auntie Jo-Ann made this bed for me

April 2009
Me and Quackers

So that's what a year living with Charlene looks like.  Pretty good year, don't you think??

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